Kitchen Remodel Survival Tips


1. Undergo triage

When you pack up, sort your kitchen gear into three categories: storage; temporary kitchen; and toss/donate/recycle. This task can be done over time, with the final items leaving the kitchen the night before demolition begins.

Give the boxes going to storage detailed labels so you can locate things you discover you need later — because in a remodeling process, you never know when “later” might be. Put them somewhere safe, but not the garage (see Tip 8).

2. Set up a temporary kitchen

Maybe move the fridge into the dining room with the toaster oven, electric kettle and countertop microwave. Your small appliances may include an electric grill, skillet or slow cooker. Prepare essential foods and a small set of dishes and utensils, packed in plastic tubs with lids to keep the dust off. Allocate yourself only the amount of dishes that you are willing to wash by hand in one session.

Which leads us to…


3. Control the dust and chaos

To keep dust down, your contractor should cover carpets and floors and hang plastic sheeting around the demo site, weighted with scrap lumber or taped to the floor. It won’t work very well, but it’s better than nothing. Microfiber cloths or a feather duster do a good job of picking up drywall dust.

Remove anything you don’t want bumped or broken from the route that workers will take between the kitchen and outside and the bathroom.

4. Have a plan for pets

Set up somewhere safe for them, out from underfoot, with food and water and a soft place to sleep. If your dog isn’t crate-trained and/or you don’t own a crate, invest the little bit of time and money necessary in both; there may be times the crate is needed, or that your dog may want to retreat into it.

If your dog or cat normally has free access to the outdoors, and that access involves the kitchen, this will take more planning.




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